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Wenzel, S., Hoffmann, H., Zhang, J., Debussche, L., Haag-Richter, S., Kurz, M., Nardi, F., Lukat, P., Kochems, I., Tietgen, H., Schummer, D., Nicolas, J.-P., Calvet, L., Czepczor, V., Vrignaud, P., Mühlenweg, A., Pelzer, S., Müller, R. and Brönstrup, M.   Production of the bengamide class of marine natural products in Myxobacteria: Biosynthesis and structure - activity relationships, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 54 (51): 15560-64.  

Zhang, S., Schneider, L.S., Vick, B., Grunert, M., Jeremias, I., Menche, D., Müller R., Vollmar, A. M. and Liebl, J.   Anti-leukemic effects of the V-ATPase inhibitor Archalozid A, Oncotarget, 6 (41): 43508-28.  

Knapp, A., Voget, S., Gao, R., Zaburannyi, N., Krysciak, D., Breuer M., Hauer, B., Streit, W. R., Müller, R., Daniel, R. and Jaeger, K.-E.   Mutations improving production and secretion of extracellular lipase by Burkholderia glumae PG1, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, epub ahead of print.  

Kuhnert E., Surup F., Herrmann J., Huch V., Müller R. and Stadler M   Rickenyls A-E, new antioxidative terphenyls from the fungus Hypoxylon rickii (Xylariaceae, Ascomycota), Phytochemistry, 118: 68-73.  

Medema, M.H, Kottmann, R., Yilmaz, P., Cummings, M, Biggins, J.B., Blin, K., de Bruijn, I., Chooi, Y.H., Claesen, J., Coates, R.C., Cruz-Morales, P., Duddela, S., Düsterhus, S., Edwards, D.J., Fewer, D.P., Garg, N., Geiger, C., Gomez-Escribano, J.P., Greule, A., Hadjithomas, M., Haines, AS., Helfrich, E.J., Hillwig, M.L., Ishida, K., Jones, A.C., Jones, C.S., Jungmann, K., Kegler, C., Kim, H.U., Kötter, P., Krug, D., Masschelein, J., Melnik, A.V., Mantovani, S.M., Monroe, E.A., Moore, M., Moss, N., Nützmann, H.W., Pan, G., Pati, A., Petras. D., Reen, F.J., Rosconi, F., Rui, Z., Tian, Z., Tobias, N.J., Tsunematsu. Y., Wiemann, P., Wyckoff. E., Yan, X., Yim, G., Yu, F., Xie, Y., Aigle, B., Apel, A. K., Balibar, C.J., Balskus E.P., Barona-Gómez, F., Bechthold, A., Bode, H.B., Borriss, R., Brady, S.F., Brakhage, A.A., Caffrey, P., Cheng, Y.Q., Clardy, J., Cox, R.J., De Mot, R., Donadio, S., Donia, M.S., van der Donk, W.A., Dorrestein, P.C., Doyle, S., Driessen, A.J., Ehling-Schulz, M., Entian, K.D., Fischbach, M.A., Gerwick, L., Gerwick, W.H., Gross, H., Gust B., Hertweck, C., Höfte, M., Jensen, S.E., Ju, J., Katz, L., Kaysser, L., Klassen, JL., Keller, N.P., Kormanec, J., Kuipers, O.P., Kuzuyama, T., Kyrpides, N.C., Kwon, H.J., Lautru, S., Lavigne, R., Lee, C.Y., Linquan, B., Liu. X., Liu, W., Luzhetskyy, A., Mahmud, T., Mast, Y., Méndez, C., Metsä-Ketelä, M., Micklefield, J., Mitchell, D.A., Moore, B.S., Moreira, L.M., Müller, R., Neilan, B.A., Nett, M., Nielsen, J, O'Gara, F., Oikawa, H., Osbourn, A., Osburne, M.S., Ostash, B., Payne, S.M., Pernodet, J.L., Petricek, M., Piel, J., Ploux, O., Raaijmakers, J.M., Salas, J.A., Schmitt, E,K., Scott, B., Seipke, R.F., Shen, B., Sherman, D.H., Sivonen, K., Smanski, M.J., Sosio, M., Stegmann, E., Süssmuth, R.D., Tahlan, K., Thomas, C.M., Tang, Y., Truman, A.W., Viaud, M., Walton, J.D., Walsh, C.T., Weber, T., van Wezel, G.P., Wilkinson, B., Willey, J.M., Wohlleben, W., Wright, G.D., Ziemert, N., Zhang, C., Zotchev, S.B., Breitling, R., Takano, E. and Glöckner, F.O.   Minimum information about a biosynthetic gene cluster, Nature Chemical Biology, 11(9): 625-31.  

Yin, J., Hoffmann, M., Bian, X., Tu, Q., Yan, F., Xia, L., Ding, X., Stewart, A.F., Müller R., Fu, J., and Zhang, Y.   Direct cloning and heterologous expression of the salinomycin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces albus DSM41398 in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2), Scientific Reports, 5: 15081.  

Jungmann, K., Jansen, R., Gerth, K., Huch, V., Krug, D., Fencial, W. and Müller, R.   Two of a kind - The biosynthetic pathways of chlorotonil and anthracimycin, ACS Chemical Biology,10 (11): 2480-90.  

Braig, S., Schmidt, S., Stoiber, K., Händel, C., Möhn, T., Werz, O., Müller, R., Zahler, S., Koeberle, A., Käs, J.A. and Vollmar, A.M.   Pharmalogical targeting of membrane rigidity: Implications on cancer cell migration and invasion, New Journal of Physics, 17, 1-11.

Nadmid, S., Plaza, A., Garcia, R. and Müller R.   Cystochromones, unusual chromone-containing polyketides from the Myxobacterium Cystobacter sp. MCy9104, Journal of Natural Products, 78 (8): 2023-8.  

Mohr, K.I., Volz, C., Jansen, R., Wray, V., Hoffmann, J., Bernecker, S., Wink, J., Gerth, K., Stadler M. and Müller R.   Pinensins: The first antifungal lantibiotics, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, 54 (38): 11254-8.  

Keller, L., Plaza, A., Dubiella C., Groll, M., Kaiser, M. and Müller R.   Macyranones: Structure, biosynthesis, and binding mode of an unprecedented epoxyketone that targets the 20S Proteasome, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (25):8121-30.  

Fu, C., Keller, L., Bauer, A., Brönstrup, M., Froidbise, A., Hammann, P., Herrmann, J., Mondesert, G., Kurz, M., Schiell, M., Schummer, D., Toti, L., Wink, J. and Müller R.   Biosynthetic studies of telomycin reveal new lipopeptides with enhanced activity, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(24):7692-705.  

Koutsoudakis, G., Romero-Brey, I., Berger, C., Pérez-Vilaró, G., Perin, P.M., Vondran, F.W. R., Kalesse, M., Harmrolfs, K., Müller, R., Martinez, J. P., Pietschmann, T., Bartenschlager, R., Brönstrup, M., Meyerhans, A. and Díez, J.   Soraphen A: A broad-spectrum antiviral natural product with potent anti-hepatitis C virus activity, Journal of Hepatology, 63(4):813-21.  

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Raju, R., Mohr, K.I., Bernecker, S., Herrmann, J. and Müller, R.   Cystodienoic acid: A new diterpene isolated from the myxobacterium Cystobacter sp., The Journal of Antibiotics, 68 (7):473-5.  

Franke, J., Bock, M., Dehn, R., Fohrer J., Mhaske, S. B., Migliorini, A., Kanakis A.A., Jansen, R., Herrnmann J., Müller, R. and Kirschning A.   Total and semi-syntheses of antimicrobial thuggacin derivatives, Chemistry--A European Journal, 21 (11): 4272-84.  

Sucipto, H., Sahner H. J., Prusov, E., Wenzel, S. C., Hartmann, R., Koehnke, J. and Müller, R.   In Vitro reconstitution of α-pyrone ring formation in myxopyronin biosynthesis, Chemical Science, 6, 5076-5085.

Weber, T., Blin, K., Duddela, S., Krug, D., Kim, H.U., Bruccoleri, R., Lee, S.Y., Fischbach, M.H. and Müller, R., Wohlleben, W., Breitling, R., Takano, E. and Medema, M.H   antiSMASH 3.0 - A comprehensive resource for the genome mining of biosynthetic gene cluster, Nucleic Acids Research, 43 (W1): W237-43.  

Bian, X., Plaza, A., Zhang, Y. and Müller, R.   Two more pieces of the colibactin genotoxin puzzle form Escherichia coli show incorporation of an unusual 1-aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid moiety, Chemical Science, 6 (5): 3154-3160.

Kling, A., Lukat, P., Almeida, D.V., Bauer, A., Fontaine, E, Sordello, S., Zaburannyi, N., Herrmann, J., Wenzel, S.C., König, C., Ammerman, N.C., Barrio, M.B., Borchers, K., Bordon-Pallier, F., Brönstrup, M., Courtemanche, G., Gerlitz, M., Geslin, M., Hammann, P., Heinz, D.W., Hoffmann, H., Klieber, S., Kohlmann, M., Kurz, M. Lair, C., Matter, H., Nuermberger, E., Sandeep T., Fraisse, L., Grosset, J.H. Lagrange, S. and Müller, R.   Targeting DnaN for tuberculosis therapy using novel griselimycins, Science, 348 (6239): 1106-12.  

Moreno, M., Elgaher W.A.M., Herrmann, J., Schläger, N., Hamed, M.M., Baumann, S., Müller, R., Hartmann, R.W. and Kirschning, A.   Synthesis and biological evaluation of cystobactamid 507: a bacterial topoisomerase inhibitor from Cystobacter sp., Synlett, 26 (09): 1175-1178.

Bian, X., Plaza, A., Yan, F., Zhang, Y. and Müller, R.   Rational and efficient site-directed mutagenesis of adenylation domain alters relative yields of luminmide derivatives in vivo, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 68 (4): 286-8.  

Lesnik, U., Lukezic, T., Podgorsek, A., Horvat, J., Polak, T., Sala, M., Jenko, B., Harmrolfs, K., Ocampo-Sosa, A., Martinez Martinez, L., Herron, P.R., Fujs, S., Kosec, G., Hunter, I.S., Müller, R. and Petkovic, H.  Construction of a new class of tetracycline lead structure with potent antibacterial activity through biosynthetic engineering, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 54 (13): 3937-40.

Sahner, J.H., Sucipto, H., Wenzel, S.C., Groh, M., Hartmann, R.W. and Müller, R.  Advanced mutasynthesis studies on natural α-pyrone antibiotics from Myxococcus fulvus, ChemBioChem, 16(6): 946-53.  

Raju, R., Gromyko, O., Fedorenko, V., Luzhetskyy, A. and Müller, R.  Albaflavenol B, a new sesquiterpene isolated from the terrestrial actinomycete, Streptomyces sp., Journal of Antibiotics, 68 (4): 286-8.  

Yin, J., Zhu, H., Xia, L., Ding, X., Hoffmann, T., Hoffmann, M., Bian, X., Müller, R., Fu, J., Stewart, A.F. and Zhang, Y.  A new recombineering system for Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus Nucleic Acids Research, 43 (6):e36.  

Tang, Y., Frewert, S., Harmrolfs, K., Herrmann, J., Karmann, L., Xia, L., Zhang, Y. and Müller, R.  Heterologous expression of an orphan NRPS gene cluster from Paenibacillus larvae in Escherichia coli revealed production of sevadicin, Journal of Biotechnology, 194 (2015): 112-4.  

Preisitsch, M., Harmrolfs, K., Pham, H.T., Heiden, S.E., Füssel, A., Wiesner, C., Pretsch, A., Swiatecka-Hagenbruch, M., Niedermeyer, T.H., Müller, R. and Mundt, S.   Anti-MRSA-acting carbamidocyclophanes H-L from the Vietnamese cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. CAVN2, The Journal of Antibiotics (Tokyo), 68 (3):165-77.  

Sood, S., Awal, R.P., Wink, J., Mohr, K.I., Rohde, M., Stadler, M., Kämpfer, P., Glaeser, S.P., Schumann, P., Garcia, R. and Müller, R.  Aggregicoccus edonensis gen. nov., sp. nov., an unusually aggregating myxobacterium isolated from a soil sample, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 65 (PT3): 745-53.  

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